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    Saint Martin is a tiny dual-nation island in the Caribbean.

  • This Caribbean island is culturally different depending on what side you're visiting.

    The Dutch side, with its distinctive Caribbean flair, has a colourful vibe that matches the bright buildings and colonial streets. On the French side, restaurants seem to be straight out of Paris. Croissants and pastries everywhere make it feel 100 percent like France.

  • Explore both sides of the island with the Saint Martin Life Exploration Bureau!

    Despite the fact that the island is two different countries, going back and forth between them is easy—whether to revel in the secludedness of St. Martin's Natural Reserve or to engage in the hustle-bustle of Phillipsburg.

Best Attractions of Marigot and Philipsburg

Fort Louis

Commissioned by royal governor Jean Sebastian de Durat, Fort Louis was built in 1789 on a hill, overlooking Marigot Bay, to defend the harbour warehouses where expensive exports were kept, mainly coffee, sugar cane and salt.

Marigot Market

Dozens of stalls run by locals offer a wide selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, meat and fish to those, lucky enough to have access to a kitchen, during their stay on the island.

St. Maarten Museum

Learn this island’s incredible history at St. Maarten museum on Front Street in Philipsburg. Though the museum is small it’s a history buff’s paradise. It features artifacts and curved items of the Arawaks as well as old photographs and important memorabilia of the colonial governments of the island.

Great Bay Beach

Great Bay Beach is a 2 mile long stretch of white sandy beach that is located at the heart of Philipsburg.

Other Tours in Saint Martin

Orient Bay

Orient Bay is a coastal community and beach on the French side of the island. Its beach is the most developed, the most popular and the busiest beach in the entire Caribbean.

Friar’s Bay

North of the French capital Marigot, is Friar´s Bay, also known as Anse des Pères. It has a small, family-oriented and very protected beach.

Loterie Farm

Loterie Farm is a nature reserve, in the countryside of St. Maarten’s highest point, Pic du Paradis. A former sugar plantation, now it is a big nature park (135 acres) with the island’s last remaining virgin rainforest. The clearly marked hiking trails take you to the island’s highest point, where a viewing platform offers amazing 360-degree panoramas. You will also get to know local flora and fauna. Wild curious monkeys, parrots, hummingbirds and mongoose are commonly seen on the trails. The hills are covered by lush vegetation, running streams and beautiful sounds of the forest.

Cupecoy Beach

Located on the island’s southwest tip, Cupecoy is a set of three beaches surrounded by limestone cliffs.

Swimming Tips For You

  • Breath Control

    Learn how to control your breathing, inhale quick and exhale slowly. Keep your breathing relaxed, do not rush it.


    When you swim its important to save energy and gliding helps you do that.

    Feel the Water

    Feeling how you pull the water, how you slide through it and how it passes your body is very important. Feel and understand how you can pull the water better and create less resistance, thus swimming faster.

  • Practice Harder

    Keep practicing and swimming will become easier. Your muscles will get stronger. When you are practicing a technique, focus on it.

    Take a break

    When you swim, your muscles tighten. Taking a 20-minute break can bring your body back to normal, giving your muscles a chance to relax and recover for the next swim.

    Meditation – Visualisation

    Imagining yourself swimming with a good stroke, winning a race or doing perfect dolphin kick is very helpful. If you do this once a day or every other day you will see improvement in your overall swimming technique.


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This Caribbean island is culturally different depending on what side you're visiting.


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